Welcome Message from the President

Today, on the cusp of the 21st century, the terms “information” and “communication” have taken on a new importance. While traditional mass media is far from obsolete, it is no longer efficient enough. New technologies, new supports and new networks continue to emerge. The rise in popularity of the Internet provides a free and open space for communication, as well as an indispensable forum for those who keep up with sociocultural trends. Here at the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, we will meet and accept all new challenges with an open mind.


In addition, the Cultural Affairs Bureau plans to utilize the advantages of these new forms of communication media to maintain closer contacts with the public at all times. We believe communication among cultures can be a reality, not merely a fantasy.


Thus it is our hope that our website, aside from demonstrating and making use of the great potential offered by the Internet, will offer the public more opportunities to access cultural events, ideas and exchanges, deepen people’s understanding of culture in Macao, and draw attention to our work and the activities we organize.


We feel that our role is of great importance to local culture - a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. At the same time, a wider circulation of information can enhance the co-operation between people from different cultures.


It is in this spirit that we have set up this website: to provide a new space for exchange between Eastern and Western cultures, which have coexisted in Macao for over 450 years. Information on the Internet is a vital element in promoting better communication in and about the cultural entity that is Macao.


We hope you enjoy visiting our website!


Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao

Special Administrative Region Government