Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1

Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1 (formerly known as D. Carlos I dock mechanical room) is situated in Zona da Barra. It was the dock mechanical room of Government in the past when it was used for building and reconditioning ships. The Navy Yard No.1 held a historical significance in Macao’s history.

The Navy Yard No.1 will invite different excellent artists from various regions to exhibit their works; in addition, cooperating with other arts organizations to hold some experimental performance art programs. The combination of visual arts and performing arts will make the Navy Yard No.1 bloom in a brand new face, to show Macao's cultural creativity, to help promoting the local arts and culture and to become a contemporary art center of Macao.

Address: Rua de S. Tiago da Barra, Macao
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Free admission
Enquiries: 8988 4000    

Navy Yard No_1