Division of Cultural Promotion

The Division of Cultural Promotion is responsible for:

1) Implementing initiatives related to the communication and promotion of cultural policies;

2) Promoting the image of the Cultural Affairs Bureau;

3) Developing and implementing the communication strategies of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, establishing its communication goals, selecting the promotional media to be used, and assessing the results;

4) Proposing the general plan and implementation programme of promotional activities in the cultural sphere;

5) Developing and implementing the overall plan for the promotion of materials and audiovisual media related to the Cultural Affairs Bureau;

6) Integrating, planning and coordinating promotional and public relations campaigns related to the cultural projects developed by the subunits and organisms under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, while ensuring a close relationship between the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the media;

7) Developing new markets through cultural marketing and promotional activities;

8) Planning, organising and coordinating the promotion of cultural activities organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau in the MSAR and abroad, as well as coordinating and articulating promotional initiatives, public relations and ticket sales;

9) Promoting the participation of public and private entities in the promotion of cultural activities;

10) Creating mechanisms for the dissemination of news, namely, about the holding of press conferences;

11) Coordinating various ways of promoting guided tours to visit assets of cultural interest;

12) Providing customer service and ensuring the training of front office teams.

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