The Instituto Cultural de Macau's decision to devote a special issue of the Review of Culture magazine to "The Asian Seas", a region of the Orient where the Portuguese have played an important role, is both a stimulating and positive contribution to the VIth International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History.

The memory of the Portuguese presence across the world is refreshed and perpetuated through these constant efforts to provide qualified information, and to support innovative research and studies. This is a major goal which we must support and promote. We must be able to respond to this demand with a new, open mentality without falling into a rut.

This issue of Review of Culture brings together works by highly respected Portuguese and overseas specialists who cover a wide range of subjects according to their own methodologies and interests. The result is certainly a valuable anthology.

Portugal is responsible, over the course of these years during which we are celebrating our great maritime discoveries, for leaving studies, research and a fund of knowledge for future generations.

Given its privileged geographical, strategic, historical and cultural location, Macau has a great role to play in accomplishing this uniquely national goal.

Mário Alberto Nobre Soares

President of Portugal

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