IC collects opinions from persons responsible for temples and churches
Jointly implements post-typhoon assistance

Date of publication: 30/08/2017
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC from the Portuguese acronym) called a meeting yesterday, 30 August, at 10am, at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building, with the persons responsible and the administrators of temples and churches to discuss the protection and follow-up works after the typhoon. IC will redistribute its budget to offer practical support and implement specific restoration measures, aiming to intensify the restoration and maintenance works of the temples and churches affected by the typhoon.

On 29 August, IC took the initiative to contact the persons responsible for 44 temples and 17 churches to participate in the meeting. The President of IC, Leung Hio Ming, thanked them for their efforts in carrying out protection works during the typhoon, and emphasised that ensuring the public safety is the primary task, after which eliminating hazard situations, cleaning, reinforcing, planning and restoring are the remaining major principles. IC also collected information and data provided by the administrators to carry out a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, and then gradually implement and execute the relevant restoration plan. IC also took advantage of this meeting to listen carefully to the persons responsible for their valuable opinions and suggestions about the typhoon protection works, and rigorously review and strengthen the respective protection mechanisms.

Currently, the damage caused to the temples and churches in Macao is basically under control. There is no significant danger to the public and heritage buildings. The problems encountered are mainly caused by the collapse of trees which blocked accesses, wall or tile debris flaking off, electric wires damage resulting from the floods and health concerns related with the proliferation of mosquitoes in still waters, among others. IC will provide professional assistance to carry out maintenance works according to the priorities, striving to complete the restoration works of the affected buildings shortly and re-open them to the public.

Additionally, IC will continue to conduct inspections to all heritage buildings in Macao and actively strengthen the communication and coordination with the respective persons responsible. Meanwhile, IC is redistributing its budget in order to provide full support to the damaged heritage buildings, including the implementation of the restoration plans. In order to make the best use of the resources available, the relevant works will be carried out according to the priorities and protection works will also be carried out after the typhoon.

Currently, the Macao Cultural Centre is one of the cultural facilities that suffered extensive damage as its roof was severely damaged, which may endanger the public safety in a certain area. Thus, IC has been working with the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau to carry out maintenance works, which may take a certain period of time to be completed. IC asks the public to avoid walking to that area for their personal safety.

In addition, IC is currently carrying out works to eliminate hazard situations, and to clean and reinforce the Lai Chi Vun Shipyards. On the day following the typhoon, 24 August, in the morning, IC immediately worked with contractors and technicians to conduct an inspection and evaluate the damages in that area, and carried temporary reinforcement measures on 25 and 26 August. Currently, the slackened roofs are currently being removed and further reinforcement works are being carried out, in order to reduce the impact on public safety. The Bureau has posted signage to advise the public to avoid approaching that area.

IC would also like to take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to all civil entities for organizing cleaning works in heritage buildings and surrounding areas after the typhoon, and to remind the public and persons responsible for heritage buildings to consult IC, according to the provisions of the Cultural Heritage Protection Law, before any maintenance and reinforcement works are carried out. IC appeals to the persons responsible for heritage buildings who need assistance, to please contact the Bureau through tel. no. 8399 6699.

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