Stephen Chow

Ben Ieong x Anna Ieong x Endy Leong x Carl Ao Ieong

25-26/1 | Monday, Tuesday (Additonal performances)
27-28/1 | Wednesday, Thursday 
19:30 | Num-Ber 22 
    Num-Ber 22 Bar     MOP 120 (Include one complimentary drink)

# Theatre

"Continue acting until the director yells 'cut'!" King of Comedy

Many people grew up watching films by Stephen Chow. Many classic scenes and dialogues make audience roll in the aisles while also bearing implications on the philosophy of life.

This production is a medley of scenes from Stephen Chow's films which will be quickly recreated with a strong rhythm by actors. The creative team hopes to express their admiration for him which is, as one of his classic film lines says, "as endless as a torrential river and as unrestrainable as the flooding Yellow River."

Duration: Approximately 1 hour 
Performed in Cantonese
Restricted to ages 18 and up (contains adult content) 

1. This programme contains flashing lights.
2. Audience may need to participate in the performance, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Producer: Ben Ieong
Director: Wowoko
Lighting Design: Calvin Iap
Stage Manager: Karina Lam and Ben Ieong
Props: Karina Lam
Live Accompaniment: Chris Ho 
Sound Design: Wan Si Lok
Actors: Anna Ieong, Endy Leong and Carl Ao Ieong