Home Sweet Home

Subject to_change (United Kingdom)

19-22/5|Saturday to Tuesday|14:00-22:00 (19, 20, 22/5), 16:00-22:00 (21/5)     Old Court Building Exhibition Hall     Tickets: MOP 160

What does your dream house look like? Is it a standalone villa, a home at a modern skyscraper, or a wooden cabin on top of the hill? The interactive installation of Subject to_change from the United Kingdom gives you an opportunity to become an architect and construct your dream residence with everyone.

Audiences will be given white cardboard houses upon admission, on which they can unleash their creativity and design their dream houses with all sorts of innovative materials, tools and decorations from the nearby Supply Shed. The town has a Postman to help you deliver letters, and Radio DJ at Residents Fm will broadcast live news and information. Through the entire duration, you can visit the community every day and inspect for any changes. Don’t miss the party held in the community to mark the end of the show, where you can celebrate the completion of the town with your neighbours. You can also take home the house you make afterwards. 


Concept and Direction: Abigail Conway and Lucy Hayhoe


Notes to Participants:

  1. Each ticket admits one person aged 12 or above, or one kid aged 3 to 11 accompanied by one adult. Participants have to show their identification documents upon admission, or the child’s companion has to purchase ticket for admission. 
  2. Each ticket includes one cardboard house and furnishings.
  3. Participants, after finishing their cardboard houses, can re-enter the venue with their tickets through the entire duration to observe the development of the cardboard community.
  4. Participants will need to sit on the floor and are requested to take off their shoes before  entering the area allocated for the model city. Please put on casual wear and socks.
  5. Participants are welcome to take their miniature residence by showing their tickets during the street party (22 May 19:00-20:00) or on 23 May 13:00-21:00 at the Old Court Building. After that, all installations will be dismantled.   


Restricted to participants aged 3 and above, children below 12 must be accompanied by an adult