My Dear Vuvu

Chen Yeh-Ying & Sisters from Huatung and Macao

21,22/1|Saturday,Sunday|20:00     Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre     Tickets: MOP 50

#Theatre #Dance #Music

VUVU, MAMU, INA, MUMU...... How do you call your grandma?
Taiwan aboriginal dancers from Hua-lien and Taitung, together with Macao contemporary dance star Chi Cheng Chan, will bring us the pure, soothing voice and present the actual family scene in an humorous way. With dances and songs in our memories, it will be an unexpected experience bringing us back to the good old days in our childhood.

Choreography: Nikal
Performers: Chi Cheng Chan, Sayum Bulaw, Malang Dapic, Ansyang Markakazuwan, Kwonduwa Takio, Cilu Miko Sapiyat and Maya’a Taboeh Hayawan 
Music: Ansyang Markakazuwan
Technical Director: Sam Leong
Stage Director: Hsiang-Ting Teng
Stage Design: Yuan-Hao Cheng
Administration: Hsiao-Fan Tai


Performed in Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwan aboriginal languages, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, no interval