Cnidoscolus Quercifolius: Alexandre Marreiros”

17/6 - 31/7/2016     Macao Museum of Art    

The Macao Art Museum (MAM) under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, has been organizing the “Macao Arts Window” since 2012, which aims to encourage creativity and promote the development of contemporary art in Macao. The theme of this edition of the “Macao Arts Window” is the exhibition “Cnidoscolus Quercifolius: Alexandre Marreiros”.

The “Macao Arts Window” aims to offer an open and diverse exhibition space and exchange platform, and encourage local artists to explore and express concepts and forms of contemporary art. Alexandre Marreiros was born in 1984 in Cascais, Portugal, and graduated in Architecture from the Arts and Architecture College of the Lusíada University, Lisbon, where he also attained his Master’s degree. He lived in Rio de Janeiro, where he developed his art. He currently resides and works in Macao. Strongly influenced by the German photographer Thomas Florschuetz and the Brazilian artist Carla Guagliardi, Alexandre Marreiros participated in a number of art-related exhibitions and was awarded an honourable mention of Portuguese Contemporary Illustration in 2015.

This body of works, entitled “Cnidoscolus Quercifolius”, is divided into three sections. The artist portrays Rio de Janeiro’s slums through paintings or even more directly through photographs, where the shacks built everywhere as if they were an embroidered robe that covered the mountains. This old form of living still exists today. Through these works, the artist hopes to introduce the true facet of the slum’s constructions as well as to show that these are not imaginary objects and that they express the culture of the slums.

The exhibition “Cnidoscolus Quercifolius: Alexandre Marreiros” is held until 31 July 2016 at the Macao Museum of Art, located in NAPE, Avenida Xian Xing Hai, and is open daily from 10am to 7pm (no admission after 6:30pm; closed on Mondays). Admission fee is MOP5 and admission is free on Sundays and public holidays.