Transports Exceptionnels

Beau Geste Company (France)

23-25/5|Saturday to Monday|3pm, 5pm     Sai Van Lake Square     Free admission

“Transports Exceptionnels is a rare moment in time…” – Libération , France

Conception: Dominique Boivin
Assistance: Christine Erbé
Performer: Philippe Priasso
Driver: William Defresne

700 performances since its creation in 2005
Performed in more than 160 cities in France and in more than 50 countries

Is it a child’s fantasy? Is it the idea of finding yourself, after all these years, with your childhood toy crane?

Transports Exceptionnels is an unexpected duo between a dancer and an excavator, a poetic twenty-minute dialogue between a man and a huge machine, between iron and flesh, on opera music. The machine almost has human movements and is in harmony with the choreography of the dancer. The metaphor is legible; it’s a matter of accepting that the world is under construction, in motion for the worth and the better…

The Beau Geste company was created in 1981 by seven dancers from the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine – Angers, headed by the American choreographer Alwin Nikolais. Placing the emphasis on each dancer’s unique personality and movement, Beau Geste ventures into multiple performance styles: solos, cabarets, variety shows, dance conferences… all opportunities to affirm a taste for diversity, distance and humour.

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Duration: approximately 20 minutes, no interval