“Echoes of Antiquity: an Exhibition on the Chinese Guqin”

Mar. 6 - May. 30 (6/3 4 p.m. opening)     Macau Museum, 3rd floor    

In ancient China, scholars spent their time engaged in calligraphy, painting, playing go (an ancient form of Chinese checkers), and playing the guqin. These disciplines were known as the “Four Arts”, but it was the guqin—the most distinguished and difficult of these art forms—that occupied a special place in the heart of the Chinese scholars. The guqin, or seven-string zither, is referred to in historical texts simply as the qin. Composed of strings and a wooden sounding board, the guqin is the most ancient of traditional Chinese plucked instruments that are still extant. It has a corroborated history stretching back three thousand years.

“Echoes of Antiquity: an Exhibition on the Chinese Guqin” presents to the public several precious guqin-related objects dating from the Northern Song Dynasty to Republican China. The exhibition also offers performances of typical guqin music and oral presentations on the ancient instrument. It is a wonderful opportunity to take in the magic of the guqin and its exquisite rhythm.

Organisers: Cultural Institute of the Macao SAR Government
  Hong Kong Deyin Qin Society