Ceramic arts and family art workshops at Tap Seac Gallery

Date of publication: 13/02/2006
Type: WorkShop

In order to enhance the interest and appreciation of local residents in ceramic arts, Cultural Affairs Bureau has been offering various activities, such as a “Modern Ceramics Course”, “Potter’s Wheel Demonstration”, “Mud” a family workshop, and Sunday guiding services. Scheduled to run from February 11 to March 11, schools and associations are also welcome to make appointments.

“Creative Ceramics - Works by Contemporary Artists from Macao and Hong Kong” opened on 20 January. 16 prominent modern ceramicists from Macao and Hong Kong were invited to display their ceramic pieces, most of which take their inspiration from daily life. Besides enhancing the exchange of ceramic arts between Hong Kong and Macao, the exhibition also encourages active participation in the arts and promotes the local ceramic arts.

The “Modern Ceramics Course” and “Potter’s Wheel Demonstration” are held on Saturdays from 3pm to 4pm, while “Mud” is from 4pm to 5pm. The artists host the course and workshop and there is also a live demonstration through which people can appreciate the production of a whole ceramic piece. Parents and children can create works of their own choice under different themes led by the artists. They are also welcome to participate in the family art workshop and no prior booking is necessary.

Furthermore, on every Sunday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, a guiding service will be provided to those who visit the exhibition. During the exhibition, the unit will also provide free guiding services to schools and associations. Interested parties can make an appointment. Application forms can be obtained at the Tap Seac Galley or downloaded from the following website: www.macauart.net/TS. For inquiries, please call Miss Lam at 335140.