Permission for Filming


According to index 47/98/M of October 26, 1998, the producer or director of any feature film, documentary film, or advertisement that are of the nature described below must apply to the Cultural Institute of the Macao SAR government for permission to film in Macao at least twenty days in advance of the intended filming date:

  1. Films that are about Macao or use Macao as background;
  2. Films that require scenes to be shot on public streets, and/or employ explosives, firearms, or special effects.

However, the following types of films may be exempted from the requirement to obtain a permit:

  1. Films directed and produced by public departments or organizations;
  2. In the case of broadcast media, filming for the purpose of news programs.

Instructions for applying

  1. At least twenty days in advance of the planned start date of filming or production of any film, documentary, advertisement or others that is about Macao or uses Macao as a background, the producer must submit an Advance Notice form to the Cultural Institute of the Macao SAR Government, proposing the application for a filming license.

  2. The Advance Notice form may be downloaded from the Cultural Institute’s website. Alternatively, the applicant may submit a letter or other written notification in lieu of the Advance Notice form; however, all the information requested on the Advance Notice form must be clearly stated in any such letter or document.


  3. Completed Advance Notice forms may be submitted to the Cultural Institute in either of the following ways:

    1. Submit via mail or personal delivery to the main office of the Cultural Institute, on Praça do Tap Siac, Edif. do Instituto Cultural, Macau.

    2. Fax to (853) 2836 6899, (853) 2871 0311.