ARTmusing Summer at CCM
Creative leisure for all

Date of publication: 14/06/2022
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The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is launching its latest ARTmusing Summer, a new series of workshops, performances and screening devised to entertain and inspire a wide audience throughout the holidays. From babies and children to youngster and seniors, this year’s edition leaves no one out.

Mind stretching

02.07-28.08.2022                                                     ARTmusing Summer Workshops

Devised to boost creativity within audiences of all ages, the programme features workshops for babies, turning tiny curious minds into blossoming arts lovers, awakening their senses through sound and movement. Switching on parental artistic potential, the family workshops provide a bonding opportunity for grownups and their little ones. Children too, will have a chance to explore, expressing themselves in a performing and skilful operatic adventure or displaying their cartoonist skills, while the teenagers may enjoy the exciting discovery of exotic world instruments and musical singing. As for the senior segment, they will also be called upon to overcome a few challenges, this time through plenty of acting and dance steps.

Sensorial adventure

28.07-03.08.2022                                                                Sweet Dream in the Woods

Producer Chan Si Kei joined hands with choreographers Wendy Choi and Annette Ng to create Sweet Dream in the Woods. This new adventure will let tots up to 15 months wander freely, stimulating their senses. Moving to the rhythms of live world music, a pair of dancers will lead the babies to explore every corner in this staged forest. Immersed in the sounds of exotic and traditional instruments, from the handpan and ocarina to the Indian tabla, this play is conceived as a first-time experience that will encourage a tiny audience to engage with nature on a theatrical setting.

A window to the world

25-28.08.2022                                                                     ARTmusing Film Carnival

The long holidays would probably feel incomplete without a good day at the cinema. This year, kids and teens may bring the rest of the family to watch an international movie selection screened at festivals around the planet. From creative animations and heart-warming stories to insightful documentaries, this year’s Film Carnival will let everyone venture in a multiplicity of distant, fascinating worlds.

Colourful celebration

28.08.2022                                                                                           ARTmusing Fun

Wrapping up the warm season, families are invited for yet another intensive day at CCM. Kids may choose from an array of activities and games throughout an afternoon specially prepared to elevate everyone’s creative mood. From workshops and showcases to arts and crafts and short performances, the ARTmusing Fun provides moments of close bonding and artistic discovery for everyone.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau has been strictly following the Health Bureau’s anti-epidemic guidelines, implementing appropriate measures at cultural activities. In cooperation with the prevention efforts of the SAR Government, all participants must wear face masks, undergo temperature checks, scan the Venue QR Code, present a valid ‘Macao Health Code’ of the day, maintain social distance, and cooperate with the relevant crowd control directions.

Tickets for all “ARTmusing Summer” programmes will be on sale from 19 June (Sunday) at Macao Ticketing Network, and pre-registration for workshops will start on 15 June (Wednesday). For more details on ticketing and anti-epidemic guidelines, please visit CCM’s website at or call (853) 2840 0555.