Macao Orchestra held concerts dedicated to French music at universities

Date of publication: 19/11/2018
Type: Concert

The Macao Orchestra (OM, from the Portuguese acronym), under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, presented three concerts dedicated to French music compositions at the Auditorium of the Macao Polytechnic Institute, the Student Activity Centre of the University of Macau and the Auditorium of the library building of the Macau University of Science and Technology on 15 and 17 November. The concerts were conducted and explained by OM’s Assistant Conductor, Francis Kan, in an effort to promote classical music.

The three concerts “University Concert – Indulge in Music of Paris”, were conducted by OM’s Assistant Conductor Francis Kan, who led a number of musicians to present a programme dedicated to French music compositions, specially designed for teachers and students, featuring several pieces such as Deux Marches et un Intermède by Poulenc, Petite Suite by Debussy and Mother Goose Suite 5 Children’s Pieces by Ravel. The three suites feature their own distinctiveness: Deux Marches et un Intermède by Poulenc, composed in 1937 in honour of the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques, featuring the progressive in style, reflects the changes in human society; the Petite Suite by Debussy, with its simplicity, contrasts with the other works of the composer in terms of the pioneering nature of his musical language; while through the Mother Goose Suite, 5 Children’s Pieces, Ravel narrates a series of five fairy tales. In addition to the musical performance, Conductor Francis Kan talked about the musical style of the compositions and the history of classical music. The concerts counted with an active participation of teachers and students and were held in lively atmosphere.

OM has been committed to musical education and its promotion close by the community through creative elements and a variety of activities, launching a series of educational concerts, such as concerts in primary schools and kindergartens to be held in late November. The concerts are specially designed in a targeted manner with a combination of vivid explanations designed to cultivate students’ interest and their ability to appreciate classical music. For more information about the concerts and programmes, please visit the OM’s webpage at