“Exhibition of New Works in MAM Collection” features works by Che Ho

Date of publication: 19/10/2018
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The “Exhibition of New Works in MAM Collection”, organized by the Macao Art Museum (MAM) of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, currently exhibits 8 vertical scrolls depicting flowers by Zhao Mingshan, one of the most representative painters of the Lingnan School in Macao. The exhibition will feature 9 works by renowned local painter and calligrapher Che Ho from 26 October, at 4pm.

The “Exhibition of New Works in MAM Collection” is held at the Special Exhibition Room No.4, on the 3rd floor of the MAM, allowing the public to admire the art of senior artists as well as to be updated on MAM’s development. The exhibition currently exhibits works by Zhang Mingshan, a third generation heir of the Lingnan School in Macao, which were donated by his relative Zhao Guoxiang and his wife. The exhibition runs until 21 October. Interested parties can take this opportunity to enjoy the paintings of beautiful Lingnan flowers by this artist.

The exhibition will feature new works from 26 October, including 5 calligraphy works and 4 paintings donated last year by Che Ho. Among these works, the calligraphy piece Jing Huan Xian Qu (Fairy Melody) was re-written in 1988 after being presented in several large-scale international calligraphy exhibitions. In turn, A Quote by Mencius is the original calligraphy work commissioned in 1998 which was offered to the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Guterres, while Spring in the Misty Rain is the original painting exhibited at the Art Exhibition of the Shanghai World Expo. The exhibition runs until 14 April 2019.

Che Ho served as a consultant for several art associations in Macao, as Vice-President of the Oriental International Painting Association, Director of the Macao International Artist Association, Vice-President of the International Artists Federation and member of the Macau Artist Society. Che Ho has held numerous exhibitions on both side of the strait. Through the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures and arts in Macao, Che Ho applies in his works through the combination of the concepts “using Western techniques in Chinese painting” and “applying ancient skills to today’s art”, aiming to explore innovation and integration so as to create his own style. His works showcase a profound traditional basis as well as distinct elements of its time and have earned numerous accolades. His Chinese calligraphy work Jing Huan Xian Qu (Fairy Melody) was awarded the first prize at the 5th Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists, the gold medal at the 1990 International Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Exposition, the gold medal at the “Confucius Cup” International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, the gold medal at the Cross-Strait Four Regions’ Exhibition, and was awarded at the exhibition of the Japanese Calligraphers Society. It was also included in the volume “A Panorama of International Contemporary Calligraphy and Seal Arts”, among others.

In addition to the exhibition “Landscape of Change - Macao Watercolour Paintings from the MAM Collection” and “Abstract Paintings from the MAM Collection”, the MAM is also holding the “Exhibition of New Works in MAM Collection”, allowing the public to further understand of the Macao’s role and contribution in the history of the development of Chinese art. The MAM, located at Avenida Xian Xing Hai, NAPE, is open daily from 10am to 7pm, including public holidays (no admission after 6:30pm; closed on Mondays). Admission is free. For more information, please visit the MAM website at www.MAM.gov.mo or call through tel. no. 8791 9814 during opening hours.