Tickets for the Macao Chinese Orchestra’s new concert season on sale
Opening Concert “Glimpses of the National Wind” showcases national charm

Date of publication: 17/08/2018
Type: Concert

The Macao Chinese Orchestra (OCHM, from the Portuguese acronym), under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will embark upon its 2018-19 concert season in September. The opening concert “Glimpses of the National Wind” will be held on 2 September, at 8pm, at the Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium, opening a diversified and exquisite chapter in the Orchestra’s new concert season.

OCHM has always adhered to its principles, namely “rooted in Macao, engaging globally, offering music aficionados six concert series, including the “Classics Series”, “Special Productions”, “Strolling in the Garden, Listening to Music”, “Museum Concerts”, “Music Inheritance” and “Community Involvement with Music”, hoping that the rich performances will develop the audience’s interest in Chinese music and enrich their soul through the delicate and refined music.

Under the baton of the 1st national level conductor Liu Sha, the opening concert “Glimpses of the National Wind” features specially invited erhu performers, Yu Hongmei, Deputy Director of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Zhai Qinxi, associate professor of guqin at the same Conservatory of Music, who will perform solos. In this concert, the National Orchestra new musical piece Red Litchis, rich in Lingnan style, will be premiered in Macao, in a concert that must not be missed. The concert also features the erhu concerto Amannisa, inspired by the famous Uighur artist Amannisa (concubine of Abdurashit Khan of the Yerqiang (Yarkand) kingdom), a symphonic poem that displays the exoticism of the western regions and that, through the sounds of erhu and a combination of elements of romanticism and impressionism, evokes the emotional support of this extraordinary and talented woman.

Tickets for the OCHM 2018-19 Concert Season are on sale at the Macau Ticketing Network, with various discount packages available. Holders of BOC Credit Card or BOC Card may enjoy a 30% discount on tickets for the special programmes and a 20% discount for all other programmes. Holders of Macao Teacher Card, Air Macau boarding pass within 7 days upon their arrival in Macao, MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay cards from ICBC (Macau), BCM Bank, OCBC Wing Hang or Tai Fung Bank will enjoy a 20% discount on tickets. A 50% discount will be offered to holders of full-time Student Card, Macao Senior Citizen Card or Disability Assessment Registration Card. 24-hour ticketing hotlines: 2855 5555. Ticketing website: For more information about the Concert Season programme, please visit the OCHM’s website at