Macao Orchestra was invited to perform original opera Marco Polo in Guangzhou

Date of publication: 27/04/2018
Type: Concert

The Macao Orchestra, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, was invited to perform the world premiere line-up’s original opera Marco Polo in three sessions from 4 to 6 May at the Guangzhou Opera House. The opera production is directed by the former Opera Director of the Royal Opera at Covent Garden, London, Kasper Holten, and is presented under the baton of the great Chinese conductor Tang Muhai, with the participation of notable singers from various countries, including China, Denmark and the United Kingdom. This performance is the second cooperation between the Guangzhou Opera House and the Macao Orchestra since the last opera Carmen.

The Guangzhou Opera House, hailed as one of the 10 best opera houses around the world by USA Today, has repeatedly invited the Macao Orchestra to collaborate in various opera productions, which have received wide acclaim. Following the success of the operas Tosca and Carmen, the Guangzhou Opera House invited the Macao Orchestra to perform again. The cooperation between various world-class artists fully demonstrates the popularity and professionalism of the Macao Orchestra at home and abroad.

The original opera Marco Polo presents an insightful interpretation of the experience of Italian traveller Marco Polo, his father Niccolò Polo and his uncle Maffeo Polo during their journey to and from China via the terrestrial Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road in the 13th century. The opera production replays the epic encounter of the prominent figures, the rise and fall of the eras, as well as the battle between the good and the evil, the civilised and the barbaric, which revolved around trade and cultural exchange between the East and the West in late Song and early Yuan dynasties. The Macao Orchestra is currently holding rehearsals with dedication to present a high-quality performance in the debut opera.