“Coordination Service for Filming Permit Application” launched officially

Date of publication: 30/01/2018
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In order to simplify the procedures for local and foreign filmmakers to apply for filming in Macao, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), in collaboration with a number of public services, officially launched the “Coordination Service for Filming Permit Application” (hereinafter referred to as the “Coordination Service”) today. IC shall serve as the responsible public service for receiving all filming applications submitted by the filmmakers and, subsequently, refer the applications to the participating public services in the network for follow-up.

The trial run of the Coordination Service has been carried out since 31 May 2017 under the joint coordination of several public services: the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Sports Bureau, the Customs Service, the Fire Services Bureau, the Public Security Police Force, the Judiciary Police, the Transport Bureau, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Marine and Water Bureau and IC. The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau is also one of the participating public departments of the Coordination Service and it provides services as follow: “Permit for Setting off Firecrackers” and “License for Setting off Rockets and Fireworks”. Furthermore, the Labour Affairs Bureau will provide information about exceptional cases for the Regulation on Prohibition of Illegal Work and answer enquiries about related laws and regulations such as the Law on Employment of Non-Resident Workers. Website links to the above information and enquiry services have been uploaded on the IC’s website for the applicants’ reference.

The Coordination Service provides a one-stop collection service to save the applicants’ time in visiting many public services and to allow them to trace their application status. IC shall serve as the responsible public service for receiving all filming applications submitted by the filmmakers and provide services such as enquiries and consultation, application guidelines, document collection and referral, as well as online checking of application status. Replies to applications will be given directly by the respective participating public departments, who will be responsible for liaising with the applicants.

During the trial run of the Coordination Service, held from 31 May to 31 December last year, a total of 91 filming applications were received and 73 of the applications were submitted through the Coordination Service, indicating that the Coordination Service was  run successfully during this period. After the official launch, enhancements to the Coordination Service will be made constantly according to the actual circumstances. For more information about the Coordination Service, please visit the “Services – Filming Permit” at IC’s website (www.icm.gov.mo) or the “Filming Permit” section at the Macao Cultural and Creative Industries Website (www.macaucci.gov.mo). For enquiries, please contact Ms Wong, staff member of IC, through tel. no. (853) 2871 0306 during office hours.

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