Macao Orchestra visits elderly homes and promotes love through Chinese and Western music

Date of publication: 25/01/2018
Type: Concert

The Macao Orchestra (OM, from the Portuguese acronym), under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, visited six elderly homes last week, presenting six Spring Festival concerts, part of the “Love Music.Love Devotion” series, for over 400 elderly people, promoting love through music.

In order to demonstrate its care for the elderly and to promote music, OM has recently visited and rendered Spring Festival concerts at several elderly homes and rehabilitation centres, including the Ian Fai Integrated Senior Citizens Care Centre, Asilo de Santa Maria, Centro Pastoral da Areia Preta, Longevity Special Day Care Centre, Lar São Luís Gonzaga and Centro de Santa Margarida. In the “Love Music.Love Devotion” Spring Festival concerts, OM presented numerous pieces of classic Western music and popular Chinese music, expressing greetings to the elderly. In a pleasant and warm atmosphere, the elderly audience watched the sophisticated performance by the musicians with great concentration. The pieces included Spring Festival Prelude, Be Lofty Step by Step, and Colourful Clouds chasing the Moon, among others. OM’s General Manager Chou Wai In and the Secretary General of the Caritas Macau Pun Chi Meng, among others, also came to enjoy the concerts with the elderly and offered Spring Festival gifts to the elderly.

OM will continue to promote music to audiences of different ages, hoping to deliver love and blessings to the community through classical music performances.

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