2018 Macao Cultural and Creative Map invites entities to register for inclusion in the map

Date of publication: 25/01/2018
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) is launching the 2018 edition of the Macao Cultural and Creative Map (CCM Map) in paper and its mobile app in order to promote Macao’s cultural and creative industries close by residents and tourists, thereby enhancing the reputation of Macao’s cultural and creative spaces. IC will select cultural and creative spaces from the Database for Cultural and Creative Industries (hereinafter referred to as “Database”) to be included in the CCM Map; any entities that have not yet registered in the Database are welcome to apply for inclusion before Friday, 23 February, at 5:30pm.

The first edition of the CCM Map was launched in 2014. It covers Macao’s seven parishes, introducing the cultural and creative spaces through vivid illustrations and texts; it also provides information about World Heritage sites, museums, tour routes specialized in culture and creativity and bus routes, allowing residents and tourists to experience the diversified cultural development of the region. More than 970,000 copies of the  CCM Map have been printed since the first edition and is distributed in over 180 locations in Hong Kong and Macao, including at border checkpoints, museums, hotels, travel agencies, cultural and creative entities, among others. The CCM Map is well received by tourists and residents. In the meantime, IC also released the CCM Map mobile app for users to explore the cultural and creative spaces along the way and know more about related products and activities.

The cultural and creative spaces eligible for inclusion in the 2018’s CCM Map should be open to the public in the long term under the operation and administration of the entities registered in the Database for Cultural and Creative Industries, and they should be in the field of selling cultural and creative products or organizing related activities. If the numbers of eligible spaces exceeds the original planned quota, IC will select the final list of eligible spaces by drawing lots.

Details and the registration form for the Database can be downloaded from IC’s website (www.icm.gov.mo/dpicc) or the Macao Cultural and Creative Industries Website (www.macaucci.gov.mo). Interested parties should submit the completed form in print, together with an electronic copy of the form and attachments at the reception of IC, located at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building, at Tap Siac Square. The entities which have already registered in the Database do not need to re-apply but may submit any supplements or updates to IC if necessary.

For enquiries, please call staff members of IC, Mr. Wong through tel. no. (853) 8399 6289 or Ms. Lau, through tel. no. (853) 8399 6296 during office hours.

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