IC concludes inspections to classified ensembles and sites

Date of publication: 31/08/2017
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) conducted inspections to over 30 classified ensembles and sites and dispatched staff to record the conditions in the respective sites, including the Ilha Verde Hill, the Penha Hill, the Guia Hill, the Lilau Square, the Rua da Felicidade and the St. Lazaus Quarter, among others.
In general, damages to these sites were relatively low and were mostly related to the collapse of trees and broken branches, where a considerable number of large trees show damage. In areas near the Retreat House in Ilha Verde Hill, large trees were collapsed and certain amount of branches were broken, where a potential risk of collapse may be incurred. Likewise, there are large-scale trees in Guia Hill uprooted, tearing down the surrounding fences and walls. IC has immediately reported the above conditions to the responsible departments, in order to eliminate the hazard situations soon; IC also appeals to residents and tourists to avoid visit the affected areas for their safety. Additionally, most of the ensembles do not show temporary structural damage, but rather suffer collapse of surrounding street lamps and signboards, resulting in damages to walls and falling of small amount of tiles.
Recently, IC conducted a meeting with administrators of temples and churches to discuss the follow-up works after the typhoon, in order to intensify the support to heritage buildings in carrying out restoration and post-typhoon works.