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Date of publication: 13/06/2017
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The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will be staging additional shows of Puzzle, Echoes of our Childhood and The Little Match Girl, in response to the strong box office demand.

Coming from Lithuania, London and Macao, these three performances for babies and kids will be presented in August included in a series of over 30 shows for all ages. Tickets for the additional shows are already on sale.

Puzzle is a colourful dance piece brought by Lithuania’s Dansema Dance Theatre to light the fuse of our infants’ imagination. Exploring a delightful world of familiar forms, from geometric shapes to fruits, vegetables and flowers, the performers will dance, bounce and move in their vibrant costumes. An unforgettable first time experience for both inquisitive babies and their new adventurous parents.


Local production Echoes of our Childhood will take young kids wandering through a magical place full of touching memories, from toys and old text books to cassette recorders and games, living through their parents’ nostalgic yesteryears. The piecemerges dance, sound effects and installation, offering the whole family something closer to a real life adventure rather than a dance theatre play. Responding to beeps and noises, dancers will move amongst the audience, mesmerized by the ‘antique’ gadgets.

The Little Match Girl is brought by celebrated director and choreographer Arthur Pita, who conceived a dance theatre adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic set to spread its magic at CCM for the very first time. Touching and delightful, the piece immerses the audience into a young girl’s hopes and dreams, beautifully unveiled through dance, singing and original music performed live on stage. In an icy Christmas Eve, a little girl paces the emptying streets, desperately trying to sell her matches. Cold, hungry and with only one final match flame to keep her warm, she has a vision of her beloved grandmother taking her into the night sky, away from trouble, towards the shining moon.

Tickets for additional performances are already on sale at CCM’s box office and Macao Ticketing Network outlets, available at various discounts. For further information on promotional offers and ticketing, please visit or call (853) 2870 0699. Credit card ticketing hotline (853) 2840 0555 。 

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