Vaster Far than the Ocean

Stella & Artists

20, 21/5 
Friday, Saturday
Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No. 1
Tickets: MOP 180     Macao Contemporary Art Centre - Navy Yard No.1     Tickets: MOP 180

Internationally renowned dancer Mui Cheuk Yin from Hong Kong, talented choreographer ErGao (He Qiwo) from Guangzhou, and dancer Stella Ho from Macao have jointly created Vaster Far than the Ocean for this year’s Festival. Based in different regions, they got inspired for this contemporary dance theatre by looking at the sea.

The three learnt traditional Chinese dance at an early age, and work as choreographers and creators, producing works which are balanced between traditional and contemporary dance. Vaster Far than the Ocean fuses traditional xiqu elements from Lingnan with a bamboo scaffolding installation designed by local stage designer Lam Ka Pik, creating an innovative performance and bringing a new viewing experience for the audience. As the dancers explore the possibilities of their bodies on the bamboo scaffolding, the audience will experience the beauty of traditional craft combining stage design.

Choreography: Mui Cheuk Yin, ErGao (He Qiwo) and Stella Ho
Stage Design: Lam Ka Pik
Lighting Design: Calvin Lam
Music and Sound Design: Leung Yan Chiu
Creation and Performance: Lao Mei Wa, Tong Wai Tong, Lou Choi Ieng, Lei Ka Man, Wong Kuai Man, Leong Kuan Pou, Liu Qingyu and Lao Pui Lon

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval
With occasional Cantonese dialogue, no surtitles 

Post-show talk on 21 May