Finding Season

Cindy Ng

12-16/1 | Wed to Sun | 18:00-22:00
Calçada de S. Francisco Xavier     Calçada de S. Francisco Xavier     Free

# Multimedia Installation


The flowing vitality of ink painting

Blending innovation with tradition, Cindy Ng has continued to broaden the boundaries of ink art by using digital media to create ink paintings, and computer programmes to interpret ink art. 

In Finding Season, Cindy will combine real-time weather data of Macao with ink art. The abstract ink images, which change according to the changes of the weather, will be projected on the old city wall, creating a virtual and realistic setting. Dancers will give interactive performances with the images from time to time.


Curator and Technical Director: Erik Kuong
Creator and Artistic Director: Cindy Ng
Director of Artistic Planning and Music Composer: Yan Feng
Software Engineering: Jun Jiang
Main Dancer: Sonia Lao 
Coordinator: Ka Kei Lio
Technical Team: A Time