Chen Uen

(2020, Taiwan)

Auditorium, Macao Museum of Art     Macao Museum of Art Auditorium    

Director: Wan-Jo Wang
Duration: 135 minutes
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese and English
Category: Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years old)
No. of Participants: 54

Chen Uen is one of the most celebrated comic artists in Asia. His work is presented with a unique style of aesthetic that blends art forms of Chinese ink painting and western painting skills. His agility and skilfulness in using various materials have made his style unparalleled, regarded as the "Chen Uen aesthetic."

This film focuses on Chen Uen's art career, depicting Chen’s aesthetics of life through representing his works and interviewing those involved in his works. Chen Uen gives us a brief overview of the scenarios of comic industries in greater China and Japan, trying to explore and carry forth Chen’s legacy.



Honkaz Fung
Hong Kong multimedia artist, Fung starts his career as a comics artist, but later he switched to production of commericals and films, and served as director, visual effects supervisor, animation supervisor and art director.