Wearing My Untold Stories

Soda-City Experimental Workshop Arts Association

18/1 | Saturday | 19:30
19/1 | Sunday | 15:00
Meeting Point: Praça de Lobo de Ávila

    Praça de Lobo de Ávila     Tickets: MOP 80

# Dance

Reveal, instead of conceal, the emotional stories behind your clothes

There is always a certain piece of clothing, which you may find difficult to let go of. It could be old style, no longer fitting or even ragged, but it reminds you of a scene, a person, a memory, or an emotion... Maybe you have hidden it in a corner of the wardrobe so as to deliberately keep it out of sight and touch, but the connection still lingers...

Clothes, not only made to wear, but also witness wearers’ personal growth, carrying their memories and stories. You are invited to attend the performance in your meaningful outfit and embrace those long-buried memory again.

Duration: Approximately 1 hours and 30 minutes 

Performed in Cantonese

Suitable for ages 6 and up

Co-production: Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association
Concept: Candy Kuok
Creators and Performers: Candy Kuok and Sze-wan Ng
Live Music: Lobo Ip and Dave Wan