The Magic of Light and Shadow

Edi Rudo (France) and CANU Theatre

26/1 Saturday 11:00, 14:30     Navy Yard No. 2     Tickets: MOP 80

# Mime, Multimedia

Duration: approximately 40 minutes
Suitable for people aged 6 or above

Explore the world of clowns and play fantastic games with light and shadows!

French mime artist Edi Rudo returns to Macao to work with Chan Lai Nei, a student of the clown master Philippe Gaulier, to create a vivid, poetic and absurd theatrical world using lights and hand shadows. In this show with mime and magic, performers will interact with you and lead you through a succession of dreamy scenes themed around friendship and loneliness. This fun-filled, light-hearted performance breaks the barrier of language and is one you can’t miss!

Director: Chan Lai Lei
Creators and Performers: Chan Lai Lei and Edi Rudo
Technical Coordination: Tou Kuok Hong