Family Musical Theatre “Music Adventure II”

Sunday, June 9, 2019 16:00     Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 120, 80

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong



Last season, treasure hunter Ah Kiong (Quek Ling Kiong, Resident Conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra) allowed children to learn about different types of bowed string instruments. This time, Ah Kiong will introduce to children plucked strings, the most representative Chinese music and lead them to explore the mysteries inside the water bubbles.

We will follow Ah Kiong to the river and listen to Ballade pour Adeline and Flowing Stream played by yangqin, the elder sister among plucked strings. Then, we will go to Shaolin Monastry to see how the twin sisters pipa and liuqin show off their Shaolin Kung Fu! The next to appear is the round-faced zhongruan, who will bring to children Camel Bells along the Silk Road and Dream of Red Chamber Suite: Granny Liu. Afterwards, we will listen to Nocturne of the Fishing Boat at the seaside and play with siste mermaid in the Underwater World! The concert will also feature American folk song Kentucky and Susanna and its theme song A Musical Adventure, filling the place with brilliance and endless laughter!

Approximately 1 hour, no intermission.