Classical Chinese Quyi Showcase

Au Kuan Cheong Cantonese Opera Association

25, 26/5|Friday, Saturday|20:00     Dom Pedro V Theatre     Tickets: MOP 150, 120

Au Kuan Cheong, a Cantonese Naamyam expert with more than 60 years of experiences, in collaboration with a troupe of traditional Guangdong Baatyam percussion players, presents a unique set of Baatyam percussion pieces, including Eight Immortals Bestowing Longevity and The Heavenly Maiden Delivers Her Son to the Mortal Father, popular, festive and auspicious pieces that showcase the capabilities of the traditional Baatyam percussion troupe; a solo double suona concerto General Kwan Escorts His Brother’s Wife that expressively and extraordinarily captures the process and dialogues of how General Kwan escorts the wife of Liu Bei from the camp of Cao Cao; Farewell My Concubine, a male-to-female duet of Naamyam, which affectionately recounts the longings and sorrows when Xiang Yu and Consort Yu bid their final farewell.

Baatyam percussion is a traditional quyi form in Guangdong with more than two centuries of history, a variety of Cantonese opera songs played by Chinese wind, bowed string, percussion and plucked string instruments. These ritual performances can be seen in Cantonese opera, temple fairs, deity festivals and festive events. Au Kuan Cheong Cantonese Opera Association, founded in 1995, has organised many performances, lectures and exchanges concerning Naamyam and quyi. An acclaimed and respected artist in the industry, Au Kuan Cheong was invited to give a Naamyam performance for Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the Mandarin’s House in 2014.


Music Director and Musician: Au Kuan Cheong
Vocals: Au Kuan Cheong and Elisabela Larrea
Musicians: Ao Ieong Iok Peng, Loi Weng Cheong, Cheng Wai Tong, Ho Chi Fong, Cheang Pui I, Ng Vai Hong, Yu Mau, Chan Ho Fai, Ho Chi Chung, Sung Ngok, Wong Hon Keung and Ho Fan Fan
Director: Ao Ieong Iok Peng


Baatyam Percussion
Eight Immortals Bestowing Longevity
The Heavenly Maiden Delivers Her Son to the Mortal Father

Double Suona
General Kwan Escorts His Brother’s Wife

Farewell My Concubine


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes, including one interval
Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese