Humming of the Landscape

Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association

19, 20/5|Saturday, Sunday|20:00     Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 180, 140

A temporal illusion between a hill and a creek is a tumbling frame that will crumble with just a gust of wind.

Dance and installation theatre Humming of the Landscape uses materials as key metaphors in exploration of the manipulative, constructive and destructive relationships among mankind, city and nature through movements, installations and visual arts. It hopes to stimulate audiences to reflect on the links between our surrounding artificial landscape and natural landscape. Every physical object is made of dots, lines and planes in a woven structure, a similar structure in which textile products, materials and human bodies are composed and decomposed. Director Jenny Mok and multi-talented visual designer Nip Man Teng join handsagain this year to present their latest collaboration, Humming of the Landscape, following their previous works, namely the textile product and fabric oriented Weaving Landscape and plastic product oriented Weaving Landscape: Night Tide that explores the nature of plastics.

Founded in 1996, Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association is a non-profit art and cultural organisation in Macao and has created nearly 60 original dance and theatre works.


Concept Scenography, Director and Performer: Jenny Mok
Concept Scenography, Visual and Lighting Design: Nip Man Teng
Lighting Control: Leong Son U
Stage Design Assistant: Kaby Chan
Stage Managers: Lei Weng Kit and Horis Chao


Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval


Post-show Talk on 19 May