Familie Flöz (Germany)

5, 6/5|Saturday, Sunday|20:00     Sands Theatre     Tickets: MOP 180, 150, 100

Family comedy Infinita is a theatre play starring fabulously masked artists, who take audiences through the first and last moments in the puzzle of life and death when the greatest miracles occur: the first appearance in the world, those first brave steps, and finally, that first bold fall. Life itself, with creative force that lets us triumph and fail, plays the star role of the show in resemblance to a dazzling puzzle in all sorts of colours for us to complete.

With world tour legs over 20 countries since 2001, German theatre group Familie Flöz boasts multi-disciplinary artists in fields of clownery, acrobatics, music and theatre that entertain audiences with their precise stage movements and light effects without the use of language. The expressive masks allow the audiences to taste the bitterness and sweetness of life – a first-hand magnificent theatre experience that one should relish.


Direction: Hajo Schüler and Michael Vogel
Production: Familie Flöz, Admiralspalast and Theaterhaus Stuttgart


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval