Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

Toco Nikaido (Japan)

19-21/5|Friday to Sunday|20:00     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 250

Welcome to the frenetic world of Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker! It is like mainlining a mash-up of a high school musical, an extreme Japanese TV reality show, a cheesy pop video and an out-take from Les Misérables. This hybrid performance seems to embed any and every idea into this artistic blender. In this crazy show you won’t believe what’s going on onstage, but at that exact moment there is no escape.

Spend the evening as a captive audience member in and out of this world encounter with these young and energetic performers from Japan. With all kinds of stuff flying through the air and the continuous bombardment by pop- and sub-cultural references and political symbols, the theatre is filled with an incomparable hyper-reality. In the midst of all the chaos and noise, the question is popped: what contributes to the political, ecological and social bankruptcy?

Toco Nikaido, one of today’s most talked-about artists in Japan, is widely acclaimed for her overwhelming novelty and energy among the theatrical world. The sweet yet bizarre charm of Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker has won applauses from audiences around the world. Don’t miss out!

Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval
With occasional English dialogue
Restricted to audiences over 13 years of age (contains strong sound and lighting effects)
Raincoats will be provided at the venue

Director: Toco Nikaido
Leading Performers: Amanda Waddell, Arisa Kobayashi, Motoki Saga and Yukiko Takeda