Songs of Migrants

Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association

12-14/5|Friday to Sunday|20:00     Navy Yard No. 1     Tickets: MOP 180

People keep leaving their homes behind with hopes for happiness and freedom elsewhere, just like migrant birds. They carry all kinds of memories as they move around, contributing to an important part of the local history. Human being’s migration stories never seem to cease, but migrants have found their roots missing and the homesickness has been scattered in the history. As time comes and goes, we can’t help but ask: how is the individual identity of a migrant defined?

Song of Migrants is a brand new production by Comuna de Pedra, also the first of a series of three works about migration initiated by Macao director Jenny Mok in 2017. Through collective creation and with physical theatre as the vehicle, she sets off from her own family migration history to mirror the overall picture of the group. The piece incorporates text creation, choreography, local sounds and folk music with an analysis on the relationship among migration, people, society, metropolitan and history, composing a poetic ode to the migrants.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, no interval
Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese and English

Director and Concept: Jenny Mok
Producer: Sarah Sun
Performers: Ines Kuan, Lao Cho Wa, Ching Hua Wu (Taiwan), Albert Garcia, Ng Shiu Hei (Hong Kong) and Ana Elisa Morari (Brazil)
Dramaturge: Ng Shiu Hei (Hong Kong)
Director of Sound Production: Lin Shihan
Researcher and History Advisor: Ho Chi Fong