Body Code: Post-colonial Blue Birds

Contemporary Dance Solos from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan

14,15/01|Saturday, Sunday|20:00     Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre     Tickets: MOP 50


Our body is like a melting pot; it absorbs all sorts of information and reacts naturally. Abstract, but more honest than any words and languages – that is our body.

Through the colonial history of the three cities, the dancers explore their own bodies to respond to the post-colonial life.

Producer: Kenny Leung
Artistic Coordinator and Artistic Consultant (Macao): Popeye Hong @ Four Dimension Spatial
Administration: Jan Hui
Artistic Consultant (Hong Kong): Max Lee @ Room 9 Dance Theatre
Artistic Consultant (Taiwan): Sunny Yang @ Les Petites Choses Production
Stage Manager and Deputy Stage Manager: Sam Siu *
Lighting Design: Cyrio Lai
Graphic Design: Black Lin @ Citta Visual Studio
Video Design: Ao Ieong Weng Fong
Make-up Artist: Fanki Chan @ Fanki C. Makeup
Choreographers and Dancers: Choi Si Wong (Choreographer, Macao), Anless Ho (Dancer, Macao), Cheng Chan (Macao), Kenny Leung (Hong Kong), Felix Ke ** (Hong Kong), Jessica Cheung (Hong Kong), Dada Lee (Taiwan), Syu Lin (Taiwan) and Lusia Chang (Taiwan)

* Sam Siu joins this performance by kind permission of the Nonsensemakers.
** Felix Ke joins this performance by kind permission of the City Contemporary Dance Company.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, no interval