“Enthralling Sounds” Traditional Cantonese Music Concert

Friday, September 23, 2016 20:00     Dom Pedro V Theatre Mirror Hall     Tickets: MOP 40

Guangdong music, Cantonese opera and the painting of Lingnan School are hailed as Lingnan’s three major artistic gems. The concert will display and familiarise residents and tourists alike with the profound and diverse embodiment of Guangdong music.


“First Horse Ride in the Spring” Chen Deju /Arr. Li Zhuxin
“Running Horse”  Ancient Music / Lu Wencheng
“United We Go” Yan Laolie 
       Cai Feng, Gaohu
“Raining on Banana Leafs”  Ancient Music
       Cai Feng, Gaohu
“Sorrow of Shaojun”  Ancient Music /Arr. Li Zhuxin
       Li Kewei, Yangqin
“Moon on the Lake” Lu Wencheng /Arr. Dai Hongwei 
       Tian Jie, Gaohu
“Deep Melancholy” Traditional Music
       Zhang Yueru, Gaohu
“Birds to Woods” Yi Jianquan
       Zhang Yueru, Gaohu
“Playing the zither by the Plantain and the Rockery” Lu Wencheng/Arr. Yao Yijun
       Tian Zaili, Gaohu
“Yearning” Qiao Fei
       Tian Zaili, Gaohu
“Thunder in the Dry Sky” Yan Laolie /Arr. Li Zhuxin
“In Celebration of Good Times” Qiu Hechou/Arr. Gu Guanran

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, without intermission.


醉裡籟韻 醉裡籟韻
醉裡籟韻_封面相 醉裡籟韻_封面相