The Bizarre Fairy Tales[Additional show]

Breakthrough Association

22-24/5|Friday to Sunday|8pm(22-24/5);3pm(24/5)     Dom Pedro V Theatre     Tickets: MOP 150, 120

A symphony of drawings, music and theatre tells a tale about humanity and social issues.

Artistic Director: Joe Lei
Director: Jenny Mok
Story Creation: Joe Lei, Eric Chau and Joe Tang
Drawings: Un Chi Wai and Lam Ieong Kun
Music and Lyrics: Joe Lei
Musical Arrangements and Band Leader: Rui Filipe Reis
Singer and Performers: Beilosi Fung, Phineas and the Water Singers

The multimedia production The Bizarre Fairy Tales uses live music, animation and acting to tell three extraordinary stories that express concern on humankind and civilisation. The One-eyed tells the tale of a person who can foresee people’s misfortunes. In Dream Guardians – set in the town of Amnesia – a group of revolutionaries searches for lost memories. Ode to Joy follows a child who discovers a wrong but entertaining way of telling yarns.

Mournful music and fascinating animations are combined to create divergence but at the same time they blend in perfect harmony, leaving the audience wavering between feelings of joy and melancholy.

Founded just last year, the Breakthrough Association aims to promote Macao’s cultural development and nurture the region’s artistic talents through diverse performances and activities.

Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval
* Audio Description and Theatrical Interpretation will be provided on 24/5. Please inform the ticketing staff upon purchase.

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