China National Beijing Opera Theatre (Mainland China)


19/5|Sunday|8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 200, 150, 120

Playwright: Li Ruihuan
Director: Gao Mukun
Assistant Director: Gao Chen
Vocal Style Coach: Qiu Xiaobo
Music Designers: Zhu Shijie and Li Jinping
Set Designer: Dong Yongmao
Lighting Designer: Li Jingcheng
Costume Designer: Jiang Lianqi
Makeup Designer: Wang Fan
Producer: Song Guanlin
Chief Executive Producer: Yin Xiaodong
Executive Producers: Lu Huijun, Li Jinping and Liu Tong
Scenographic Producers: Zhang Qingzhu, Yu Lide and Yu Yuegang

Characters and Cast:
Han YuniangDong Yuanyuan / Cheng PengjuZhang Jianguo
HeKou Chunhua / LiZhang Lan / Young Master HuLu Kunshan / Zhao XunWang Xudong / Old NunZhang Yaning

Han Yuniang is a Beijing Opera adaptation of Mei Lanfang’s renowned patriotic work Remorse at Death. Featuring in the opera’s title role is Dong Yuanyuan, a performer renowned for her precise and delicate style, able to vividly portray the sad yet beautiful character of the story’s heroine.

Set in China’s Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), the opera recounts the marriage and wartime separation of Han Yuniang and her husband Cheng Pengju, as the Southern Song Empire is invaded by Jurchens from the north. Cheng joins the Song army in defence of the nation, and in his absence Han is captured and sold as a concubine. She eventually escapes and finds refuge in a nunnery. At the moment she and Cheng are finally reunited, the now senile Han dies in his arms.

Han Yuniang was awarded the Special Honour for an Adaptation at the 5th China Beijing Opera Art Festival, recognised as “a rare and successful adaptation of traditional opera, that inherits the spirit of the original and breathes with new aspiration.”

Don’t miss the Macao debut of this timeless classic!

With surtitles in Chinese

Duration: approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, no interval