“The Vibrant Notes”
Concert by the Macao Chinese Orchestra staged in World Heritage Sites

Friday 25th May 4:15pm     Macao Museum    

Friday 25th May   4:15pm   Venue: Macao Museum Entrance Hall   Free admission


The Toast Song            Shi Guangnan           Arr. Gu Guanren
This song which takes its inspiration from the tonalities of Xinjiang has an enthusiastic rhythm full of dance dynamism, making us feel the warmth of the ambience that surrounds us. The music is refreshing and joyful, with a restless rhythm and ability for expressing emotions that stands out in particular.

The Girl from Dabancheng           Xinjiang Folk Song           Arr. Gu Guan Ren
The unusual rhythm of this piece highlights the unique style of the folk music from western China. Wang Luobin, known as the king of western Chinese music, added this song to his collection when he was in Xinjiang.

Spanish Bullfight Dance           Pascual Marquina Narro           Jia Lei, Sheng
This is a musical piece for dancing, where joyfulness and enthusiasm are evident. The melodies are euphoric and full of strong rhythms, making us imagine a bullfighting scene with its arrogant attitude and elegant poise. 

Tajik Ethnic Minority Dance           Wang Huiran           Wei Qing, Liuqin
Through joyful melodies and warm rhythms, this piece manifests the enthusiastic and overwhelming character of the ethnic Tajik, as well as the scenes of jubilant festivities, as if it were a musical painting where people are singing and dancing.

Folk Song           Liu Xing           Lin Jie, Zhongruan
With a happy and free melody, the adagio of this piece entitled “Folk Song” is similar to an improvised folk music challenge.

Pequim Opera Melody           Jian Guangyi           Arr. Gu Guanren
Adapted from Pequim opera, the music of this piece is mainly interpreted by the qudi and imitates the tone of this type of opera, characterized by its excitement and liveliness.

Horse Race           Huang Haihuai           Arr. Wang Aikang
With its unique style, this joyful and enthusiastic piece describes a horse race during the popular festivals of Inner Mongolia. When the musician plucks the strings, the sound produced is similar to the beats from the horse’s hooves. Even though this piece is short, concise and has a very compact structure, it is also full of fun and imagination.