Mimika Theatre (United Kingdom)


19, 20, 26, 27/5│Saturdays, Sundays│10am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm     Casa Garden     Tickets: MOP 100

Mencion Especial Award, Feten International Festival, Gijón, Spain

Directors and Artists: Jenny Ward and Bill Parkinson

Mimika Theatre exploits the power of the visual image to both communicate with and move the audience. Their performances integrate movement, puppetry and unusual theatrical effects, combining traditional and contemporary techniques to create an experience rich in content and

Using beautiful puppets and digital projections, original lighting effects and soundscapes, Landscapes is a nonverbal exploration of the atmosphere, movements, rhythms and sounds in four contrasting areas of the natural world: a desert, a rainforest, a sea and the Antartic. Theatre of
remarkable visual effects and transformations – all set inside a beautiful calico dome.

“Landscapes, by England’s Mimika Theatre, is the wordless magic of the small, the quiet, the personal. It conjures, in succession, four worlds and lets them gradually sink in. There’s something dreamy about a pace that you might call gentle or leisurely, except that it’s carefully calibrated to create a sense of anticipation and event..... It’s a charmer of a show from a hospitable couple.”

Edmonton Journal Canada

Limited to ages 3+
Duration: approximately 55 minutes, no interval