Black Sand Theatre


19,20/5│Saturday, Sunday│7pm     Dom Pedro V Theatre     Tickets: MOP 120, 100

Playwrights and Directors: Maíra Belati and António Martinez
Set Designers: Elisa Vilaça, Maíra Belati and António Martinez
Costume Designer: Nacho Ugarte
Animation and Video: Sebastião Vilela
Stage Assistants: Edmundo Lameras, Zizi, Choi Yum Yum, Sahm
and Antonio Carrillo
Musician: Andrew Cheung
Cast: António Martinez, Maíra Belati, Nathanael Ballew, Albert
Garcia, Susana Esmeriz, Duarte Esmeriz, Josefina Tavares, Choi
Yum Yum and Zizi

Black Sand Theatre combines physical theatre for children – including acrobatics, stilts, puppets and multimedia – with music and poetic movements, creating a story full of emotions and tenderness.

The Tincaplins are special tiny creatures that live in and take care of the forest. They love to play with the trees and drink from their resin, while helping nature grow and thrive. But one day, unexpectedly, the humans arrive, eager to settle and build, endangering the forest and the Tincaplins. With the help of special effects and multimedia, the audience finds itself in the middle of the forest, trying to help these fantastic creatures save their home.

Limited to ages 3+
Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval