Black Sand Theatre

Kallima, the Gluttonous Caterpillar

1,2/5 (Sunday, Monday)
11am, 4pm     Lou Kau Mansion     Tickets: MOP 50

Our story begins with a curious little boy, filled with wonderment about the world, who loves to ask questions about anything and everything. When he inadvertently stumbles upon the imaginary world of Caterpillar Kallima, he discovers a wonderland just like the real world. He decides to join the greedy, lazy Caterpillar Kallima on a journey of adventure and seek out the answers he has always longed for...

A fascinating lesson in natural science, this show incorporates music, puppetry and human performance. It enables children to observe the mysteries and greatness of nature, learning about them from a new angle! Let’s search together for the key to life and rediscover the mysteries behind the evolutionary process!

Main Producer/Cast: António Martinez and Alison Belati

* Suitable for children over the age of 3
Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval

Family performance
Local performance