Movin' Melvin Brown (USA)
Me, Ray Charles & Sammy Davis Jr.

22, 23/5(Saturday, Sunday)
8pm     Dom Pedro V Theatre     Tickets: MOP 50

Movin’ Melvin Brown, Entertainer, Singer, Dancer, Tap-dancer and Storyteller
George Papanaoum, Keyboards
Stephen Clifford Cluse, Bass Guitar
Steve Tosello Salvi, Guitar 
Mark Rigby Meyer, Drums     
Francesca Sansalone, Vocalist 

Programme Highlights: I Can’t Stop Loving You, I Got a Woman, Imagine, Georgia, Wonderful World, My Way

If you can imagine the combined singing abilities of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, plus the dancing and entertainment abilities of Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson, with even more, you’re thinking of Movin’ Melvin Brown from Austin, Texas! Imagine a voice that embraces all styles of music, each with as much feeling as the other. That is the voice of Movin’ Melvin Brown, a multi-awarded entertainer who is widely known as “the last of the great song and dance men”. In this show he explores the lives, times, hardships and triumphs of two of the greatest black entertainers, Ray Charles and Sammy Davis Jr., along with his own. He sings, dances, tap dances and does impersonations to the extent that one can feel the presence of these two great artists, bridging all this with his impersonations of some of the great soul and gospel singers of the past and bringing in some mime, robotics and improvisational dance routines.

“Extraordinary, sheer brilliance... Brown is a one-man concert!”
The Scotsman (Edinburgh, UK)
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval