Bootworks Theatre Collective (United Kingdom)
The Black Box: Little Box of Horrors/ Une Boîte Andaluse

21~23/5(Friday to Sunday)
4pm to 5:30pm; 8pm to 9:30pm(1 show every 5 minutes/ 1 person per show)     Lou Kau Mansion     10 (Please refer to the Booking Guide)

Artistic Director and Performer: Robert Daniels
Producer and Stage Manager: Emily Coleman 
Performers: James Baker, Natalie Green, Sophia Walls et al.
Performer and String Puller: Andy Roberts

21, 23/ 5
16:00~17:30  Little Box of Horrors
20:00~21:30  Une Boîte Andalouse
22/ 5
16:00~17:30  Une Boîte Andalouse
20:00~21:30  Little Box of Horrors

This is a playful and artfully choreographed five-minute peep show for an audience of one to one hundred, using light, imagery and puppets, exploiting the unique ability of film to use different angles, close-ups, long-shots, cuts and special effects and performing it with mask, sound and music. Sit inside “The Box” and experience a terrifying nightmare from your own intimate perspective. The Little Box of Horrors and Une Boîte Andalouse will have you clinging to your seat with dread. Outside “The Box”, watch as the performers dart, creep and shift into position bringing the sinister tale and disturbing images to life. Step inside if you dare!

Duration: approximately 5 minutes, one person per show