Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase

15~17/5 (Friday~Sunday)
6pm~10pm     Iao Hon Garden     Free admission

The Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase features artists from the various generations and traditions of Macao, as well as foreign groups and performers. Music, theatre and dance flourish from the exchange between the Chinese and Portuguese cultures, together with foreign expressions that reverberate with echoes of both tradition and modernity.

Chrome (Australia)
Sharks, Pink Fit and Bulls

Jamie Adkins (Canada)
Circus Incognitus

The Macao Conservatory Drama School
Exceptions and Rules

Urbano Drums (Portugal)

Mime Crime (Germany)
Charts, Sports and Goal

Cantonese Opera and Children’s Cantonese Opera

Xingtan Town in Xunde City Performing Group (Mainland China)
Gongs and Drums