Macao General Association of Cantonese Opera and Music
It Is Forty Years since the Dream Was Broken (9/5) / A Forced Match (10/5)

9, 10/5 (Saturday, Sunday)
7:30pm     Cinema Alegria     Tickets: MOP 60

Main Cast: Peng Chiquan, Lo Chek Fong, Liu Xiaohong, Tang Yick Sang, Chu Chan Wa, Lau I Fong, Zeng Hui, Lin Peizhe and Su Chunmei

This local opera group, dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the traditional art of Cantonese opera, is proud to present two operas in an irresistible display of vibrant costumes, expressive masks and astonishing singing.

It Is Forty Years since the Dream Was Broken is a heartbreaking story about two separated lovers who are never to be together. A Forced Match portrays the tragic-comical entanglements engulfing countless families, as an imperial decree announces the town’s belles are to be chosen as palace maids.

With surtitles in Portuguese

Duration: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one interval