“Persona” and “Living Skulpture” – Body Language

BK Cie (Germany)

Saturday, March 20, 2004 20:00     Macau Tower - Lotus Plaza     Free admission

After last year’s success, the Macao Arts Festival presents once again these extraordinary gestural and body performances, created by BK Cie, a company established in 1998 in Berlin directed by Philippe Rives.

Based on the fundamental principles of energy work related to the Chinese martial arts such as the Qi Gong, Tai Ji Chuan, Kung-fu Wushu, Hsing I Chuan (among others), African dance and masks as well as the exploration of the body expression, the mime, acrobatics, the principal work of creation is mainly focused on the concept of body installations.

The central element of any performance is unambiguous for BK Cie: the body. Generating gestures, movements, curves, angles, directions, rhythms, it is the place, the starting point, and the finality of any expression. The energy thus expressed is the source itself of the theatrical event.

Therefore, each artist is not a simple interpreter any more, but a maker of gestures, the performance itself...