Noridan (South Korea)

PingPangPong: Noridan Episode 5

3 - 4/5/2008 20:00     Clementina Leitão Ho Brito Theatre     80

Producer: Shin Seung Mi
Scriptwriter: Kim Jong Hwee
Movement Director: Kim Hee Yeun
Music Director: Ann Suk Hee
Performers: Lee Yun Shin, Na Jong Ha, Ko Hyun Kyung, Park Jae Sik, Kim Hee Young, Lee Jin Cheol, Lee Sang Ho, Song Han Eol, Kim Ye Ri and Kim Byeo Ri

Noridan, an eco-music performance group, presents its new show PingPangPong: Noridan Episode 5. This non-verbal performance and surrealist fantasy mixes live music, dynamic body movement, dance and circus arts. PingPangPong is about desire, which is the true essence of man but is also a force that deceives human beings and makes them live like slaves. Desire eventually dismantles all things yet creates hope for a different life. In this performance, absurd people from diverse walks of life contrast with innocent children, gods, slave machines and cyborgs, illustrating the ways people think and behave in this modern society.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, without interval