Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau launches the 31st issue of Books and the City

Date of publication: 27/09/2022
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The 31st issue of Books and the City, published by the Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is now available to the public. Themed “Discovering Beauty by Reading through the City”, this issue of Books and the City interviewed two reading leaders from the event “4•23 Reading in the City” in 2022 and four institutions participating in reading spots to share their experiences of participation in the event and the pleasure that reading brings.

In this issue, the “Library Handbook” introduces the lecture “Learning by Reading – Talk on Reading Literacy in Public Libraries and University Libraries”, which explores the similarities and differences between public libraries and the libraries of tertiary education institutions from the perspective of library management and services. The “Library Portrait” introduces the healthy lifestyle workshop on “The Various Benefits of Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles”, which explains how to combine exercise and reading, allowing participants to continue to learn. In the “Author’s Say” section, the photographer António Leong introduces the creative motivation of his work Daily impermanence and explains how to use photography to rediscover the small city he is familiar with, capture the moments and tell the story of century-old world heritage. The section “New Launch” introduces a wide range of new books, films, music and magazines. In addition, this issue features 10 brief yet insightful book reviews in Chinese, Portuguese and English.

A total of 3,000 copies of Books and the City are available free of charge at all branch libraries under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, tertiary education institutions, Tap Seac Gallery and several bookstores, as well as cultural and art facilities in Macao. The past 30 issues are also available on the Macao Public Library website at