Exhibition Opening “Alternative Space – Installations” at Tap Seac Gallery

Date of publication: 25/11/2008
Type: Exhibition

The opening ceremony of ‘Alternative Space – Installations’ Exhibition, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will be held on November 28, at the Tap Seac Gallery, at 6:30pm. The Exhibition will feature 13 installations, built with complex fibres, by artists Xu Lingzhi e Xuxin.

Xu Lingzhi and Xu Xin, both professors of digital arts at Shanghai University and internationally renowned artists, have always been very active in the field of fibre arts. Their works have been repeatedly awarded, both in China and abroad. With an all-encompassing perspective on the arts and their great sagacity, the two artists possess a profound perception and artistic experience, as well as an eclectic interest in art. Throughout the years, they have shown great maturity in their artistic path, creating various innovative works, the most recent of which will now be revealed to the public at the Tap Seac Gallery.

Both artists have successfully managed to combine traditional arts and modern art, while also melding design and the plastic arts. Through the diverse forms of expression of installation art, they have deeply explored their creative potential, going far beyond the construction, time and space of the artistic conception, taking it to the limits of physical conditions, and producing an attractive visual effect and a very strong impact.

The Exhibition will be open from November 28 to February 22, 2009 (daily, 10 am to 7 pm), a period during which the public will also have the opportunity to attend several lectures and workshops on the art of installation. On November 29 (10am-12pm), Professor Zhang Fuye (Fine Arts Academy of Qinghua University), the President of the College of Digital Arts of Shanghai University, Zhong Xingming, and Professor Xu Lingzhi (College of Digital Arts of Shanghai University) will give a lecture on “Development Trends of the World Contemporary Installation Art” and another one on “Interpretation of Contemporary Installation Art”. On November 30, December 6 and 7, and February 21, 2009 (3pm-5pm), Professor Xu Lingzhi will organise workshops on paper-dyeing painting and relief sculpture, providing the public with the unique opportunity of experiencing the process of artistic creation.

To enrol in the workshops or for any enquiries, please contact Ms. Lam or Mr. Sio at 8399 6600 or 8399 6628.